Pap Smears / Colposcopy / LEEP

Pap Smears

Pap Smears / Colposcopy / LEEP - Columbus gynecologyA pap smear is a screening tool for cervical cancer.  At Central Obstetrics and Gynecology in Columbus, GA, we recommend that Pap smear screening begin at age 21.

Pap smears should be performed every 2-3 years until age 29. After age 30 they will be performed at least every 3 years as long as they are normal. If co-screening for high risk HPV takes place and both are negative, these examinations can be spaced out to as far as 5 years.

Timing of pap smears should be discussed with your Columbus gynecologist and will be individualized based on your history. Screening should continue until age 65, and can then be discontinued with a history of normal pap smears.


When an abnormality is noted on a pap smear, it is often necessary to do further evaluation in order to determine the next best course of action. This is done by colposcopy, an examination with a magnifying instrument called a colposcope by your Columbus gynecologist.

During the procedure, biopsies are collected for evaluation by pathology to determine the extent of the abnormality.  Should a high-grade abnormality be identified, it may be necessary to proceed with an excisional procedure to remove the abnormal cells.

Often times this can be done in our Columbus gynecology office and is referred to as a LEEP (loop electrode excisional procedure).

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)

The loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) uses a thin, low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut out abnormal tissue. LEEP can cut away abnormal cervical tissue that can be seen during colposcopy.  It can also remove abnormal tissue high in the cervical canal that cannot be seen during colposcopy.

LEEP is usually done at your Columbus gynecology clinic, or a hospital as an outpatient procedure (you do not have to spend a night in the hospital).

If you are in need of a pap smear, colposcopy test or LEEP, call Columbus Central Obstetrics and Gynecology today at (706) 507-6306 to schedule an appointment or to speak with a member of our experienced and caring staff.

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