Your First Gynecologic Exam: What To Expect

Many adolescent girls are nervous about their first Columbus gynecology visit. You may be nervous, but it has its perks, and you may end up enjoying it. Your first gynecologic exam is the start of taking charge of your own healthcare, in addition to, finding out about the changes your body is going through. To help ease your nervousness, here’s what you can expect.

When visiting Dr. Umana, he takes extra care to ensure you understand the details of your exam, so that you’re comfortable.

Once you’ve signed in, the first part of the exam consists of checking your weight, height, and blood pressure, like any other doctor’s office. You’ll be placed in a room and given a hospital-type gown and told to remove your clothes.

When your doctor comes in, you’ll be asked some general questions about your health, including one’s about your menstrual cycle and sexual activity. Your Columbus gynecology specialist,, will ask that a female nurse, your friend, or your mother be present in the room during the physical examination. This is a common procedure for male doctors.

You’ll then have a breast examination. The doctor will examine each breast separately by moving their fingers in a pattern around your breast. This examination is to check for growths and lumps, as well as, signs of other potential problems. The professional will also discuss and show you how to perform a self-exam, that should be done monthly.

If you’re under the age of 16, a pelvic exam isn’t usually performed unless you’ve already had experienced your menstrual cycle, or having periods. Alternatively, your doctor will examine the outside of your genital area.

An important thing to remember about your initial Columbus gynecology visit and any sequential visits is that anything you discuss with Dr. Umana about sex, birth control, drugs, alcohol, STDs or pregnancy is strictly confidential. Even if your mom or a friend is with you at your visit, they’re there at your request, and the doctor will have them leave during your talks, so be honest.

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