When Things Are Coming Out “Down There” – Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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Pelvic organ prolapsed is a common condition affecting over 30 million American women in the US. Only 15% of women with this condition will seek out treatment from an OBGYN Columbus GA. In order to fully understand the condition, it is imperative to understand what prolapsed is, the symptoms, and possible treatment.

Symptoms and Causes

Pelvic organ prolapse is where the pelvic muscles and support tissues weaken. Symptoms of POP include a lump or bulge in the vagina or a stretching or pulling sensation in the groin area. Many women with POP complain from having issues with urinating and having regular bowel movements as well as difficult with sexual intimacy. Causes of POP may include multiple pregnancies and childbirth, menopause, obesity, prior pelvic surgery, and as a result of aging.

Treatment Options

One of the most common and conservative types of treatments includes strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. This can easily be done by doing Kegel exercises which consist of contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles. These muscles are what hold rectal gas in place and your urine in. Women should do Kegel exercises several times a day and changes in muscle strength are typically seen after several months.

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obgyn Columbus ga Another type of conservative therapy is using plastic or rubber rings that are inserted into the vagina to help put the organ back into its normal position. These are called Peccaries and typically work immediately but should be adjusted to avoid infection in the vagina. An OBGYN Columbus GA will be able insert and adjust this ring as needed.

The most commonly used treatment of POP is surgery. Surgery is used to strengthen the vaginal muscles so it can maintain support of the organs and structures in the pelvis. This can typically performed in one day with an overnight stay or a 24-hour stay in the hospital and is successfully done through the vaginal opening. Many women don’t need pain medication after the surgery and are able to return to their normal level of activity including exercise, heavy lifting, and intercourse three to four weeks afterwards. Most surgeries that restore normal anatomy have a success rate of 90 percent and many patients have shown a level of satisfaction after the procedure.

If you feel something isn’t right “down there” there are many treatment options that an OBGYN Columbus GA can do to help restore your normal anatomy.

Your quality of life will improve and you will be able to engage in your normal daily routine and activities within a few weeks.

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