When Sex is no Longer Fun for Women

Just like men women have a sex drive however our sex drives is based on our hormones and when not aligned properly it can mean changes for our bodies.  There are many other physical reasons why our sex drive may be decreased but there is good news!  Help is available by visiting a Columbus OBGYN.

Columbus gynecologist Many complex interactions contribute to a woman’s desire to have sexual relations.  If you, like many others, are experience problems in any of these areas in the area of emotional or physical wellbeing or changes to your lifestyle it can affect your drive.

You may want to enlist the help of a Columbus OBGYN when you feel something nonsexual may be affecting your drive.  Such reasons could be the recent onset of diabetes, high blood pressure and even coronary artery disease; all of which can be serious!  If you are infertile it can also decrease your drive.  Prescription drugs may also play a part such as blood pressure medication, antidepressants or chemotherapy medications.

Street drugs and wine may get you in the mood but too much can have the opposite affect.  Surgeries that may have taken place on your breasts or genital tract can also cause changes in your drive.  Estrogen may help to increase your desire but if you’ve reached menopause it could have the opposite affect.  Pain and discomfort may also play a part.  Even though many women do report that during menopause their drive for sex is unaffected, some do not report the same desires.

How to Treat a Low Sex Drive

Columbus gynecologist There is no magic pill and many women find that a multifaceted approach is the way to go.  Oftentimes there’s a combination of items that can get you back in full swing such as counseling, changes to our lifestyle, and sex education.  Exercising can make you feel better about yourself in many ways and can reflect in the bedroom.  It gives you self-confidence and stamina.  Financial stressors and work related issues can have a negative effect on your desire for sex.

Estrogen therapy is an option for some women but a Columbus OBYGN should be able to assess your needs more thoroughly.  You can receive estrogen therapy through pills, patch or gel.  It can increase the blood flow to the vaginal area and make your desires increase.

Testosterone could be the culprit.  It’s present in women however in much lower doses.  Replacing testosterone in women is still a very controversial subject and not approved by the FDA.  There are also some negative side effects that make it the less desirable choice.  In summary, when you hit middle age fun in the bedroom doesn’t have to stop.

Consult with a Columbus OBGYN to help get you feeling your best and back on track.

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