Top Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy Myths Columbus gynecology

There are plenty of Old Wives’ Tales and other scary information out there about what is and isn’t safe during a pregnancy. It can be tough to keep it all straight. Is the flu shot safe? Can you color your hair? Is caffeine really out of bounds? Trusted Columbus gynecology experts take a look at some of the most popular pregnancy myths out there.

Eating for Two

Pregnancy Myths Columbus gynecology Grabbing one scoop of ice cream for you and one for the baby? Not so fast. Eating for two doesn’t actually mean doubling your calories. Most women only need 300-350 extra calories per day! A woman of normal, healthy weight pre-pregnancy should only put on 25-35 pounds during her term and less if she was already overweight.

Get that Flu Shot

Actually, the influenza vaccination is even more important for pregnant women. A flu injection may make you tired and leave the injection site sore but it will not give you the flu and it will not harm your unborn baby. Because pregnancy really taxes a woman’s body, her immune system may not be running at full strength so a flu vaccine can actually be a real life saver.

No Roots Necessary

There’s no evidence that the minimal chemicals from hair dyes, absorbed through the skin of the scalp, can harm a fetus. It’s still best to avoid ammonia, but there’s no need to hold of getting your color retouched.

Keep the Caffeine Sensible

There’s not much of a case against caffeine intake while carrying. As long as a pregnant woman stays under 200 milligrams of caffeine per day, there should be nothing to worry about, Columbus gynecology experts say. So go ahead and have up to 12 ounces of coffee if you’d like.

Eat Some Fish

Two servings of fish per week are very good for Pregnancy Myths Columbus gynecology your health and for baby’s. The best choices should be cold water fish, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids: mackerel, lake trout, herring, Bluefin tuna, and salmon are the best choices. Avoid raw fish and fish with a lot of mercury like swordfish and tilefish.

Columbus gynecology and pregnancy experts only have the best in mind for pregnant women and their babies. Don’t be fooled by these old myths or any others that you hear. If you come across something strange, feel free to ask your OB/GYN to clear up any uncertainties that you may have about Dos and Don’ts.

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