Things Your Columbus OBGYN Won’t Tell You Unless You Ask

Columbus OBGYN

Expectant mothers, or even women who are considering having a child, should know the right questions to ask to find the best Columbus OBGYN.

In your search for a high quality OBGYN, here are a few things you should find out to determine if he or she is a fit for you and your baby.

1. His or her historical stats.  A Columbus OBGYN’s track record can provide confidence in their abilities and reveal trends in their decision making.  Discuss their success rate of cesarean sections, assisted vaginal births, and how often they have had successful vaginal births following cesarean section. These questions can help you determine how likely it is that a provider will perform one procedure over another under any circumstances.

2. His or her availability in case of an emergency.
  If a emergency happens in the middle of the night, will you be able to call your Columbus OBGYN or one of his colleagues for advice? This level accessibility can help you avoid unnecessary hospitalization, and give you further peace of mind.

3. His or her strategy for handling high-risk pregnancies.  
If your pregnancy is or becomes high-risk, you want to be sure that your OBGYN or one of his or her colleagues can handle it with expertise. If your Columbus OBGYN isn’t a high-risk provider, you should ask if he has current relationships with high-risk providers who can take over your care, if necessary.

4. How your medical records are kept.  
If your OBGYN is unavailable at a critical moment, other care providers will need to know your medical history in order to avoid unnecessary or duplicate medications, tests or procedures. Therefore, ensuring that there is an adequate flow of information between anyone who might require it can help to prevent confusion and overlap.

5. His or her practices to promote maternal-infant bonding.  It has been shown that immediate skin-to-skin contact post-delivery is beneficial to a newborn in more ways than one. Also question if they allow the infant to remain in the room, which encourages breastfeeding, or if they offer in-house breastfeeding support.

If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, your Columbus OBGYN Dr. Otto Umana will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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