The Top 3 Questions Women Are Afraid to Ask Their Ob-Gyn

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Seeing your Columbus Ob-Gyn for your annual health exam can be anxiety-inducing in itself, speaking up about certain issues during your visit can be even more uncomfortable. While you should never remain quiet when it comes to your health, you can make your next conversation with your Ob-Gyn or gynecologist easier by arming yourself with the following knowledge about a few common womanly concerns.

Concern #1:  My guy says I smell “funny”…should I be worried?

We all smell differently and everything we consume from food and drinks to medication, drugs and alcohol—alter our vaginal secretions. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your odor, try to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on alcohol (since it can increase sweating in your crotch). And quit smoking – the smell saturates everything…and we mean everything.

If your scent suddenly changes drastically for no obvious reason, is accompanied by a lot of discharge, or turns “fishy,” see your Columbus Ob-Gyn, as all of these are indicators of an infection.

One possible culprit is your birth control method. Both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs have an increased risk of a condition referred to as bacterial vaginosis, which is typically identified by a fishy smell. If you’re predisposed to infection but don’t want to switch to a different method of birth control, eating a healthy, well-rounded diet and supplementing it with a probiotic can help

Concern #2:  Is it safe to have sex during my period?

There aren’t any major risks about having sex during your menstrual cycle, except that the chance of pregnancy is more exaggerated. If you have a 28-day cycle, you ovulate 14 days before the onset of your next cycle, so you would be considered to be “safe” from pregnancy.

But if you have a 22-day cycle and ovulate on day eight, having intercourse immediately after your period would be decidedly more risky.   Of course no time is ever perfectly safe (unless you practice abstinence), but many women who understand their ovulation cycle can tell when they have more or less of a risk of becoming pregnant.

Concern #3:  When should I worry about itching down there?

Since itching in your lower region can be due to anything from sexually transmitted infections (or yeast infections) to pants that are too tight, it can be difficult to determine when you need to worry. If you’re not sure of the source and the itching persists even after you take a shower, make an appointment with your Columbus Ob-gyn ASAP.

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