Obesity and Pregnancy

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Complications for your baby and you can arise during pregnancy if you are obese. The risk for complication increases the more overweight you are. The risk is higher for babies being too large and for birth defects including neural tube defects or heart defects. Obese mothers have a higher risk of a miscarriage, need for cesarean or other issues during pregnancy including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. It is also harder for obese women to get pregnant. If you are obese, you need to work with yourColumbus OBGYN to get all of the care you need. Make sure you go to every doctor appoint and follow your doctor’s orders about what you need to do.

Columbus OBGYNIt is common to worry about your baby and everything that can happen during pregnancy. Just because you are obese does not mean that you will definitely have these issues. You can do many things during your pregnancy that will improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. When you are pregnant, do not try to lose weight. This is not the time. Your baby needs you to eat a healthy, well rounded diet. Do not cut out any food groups or go on any weight loss plan.

The experts recommend that women that are obese gain between 11 to 20 pounds. Your Columbus OBGYN will work with you to determine the weight goal that will be best for your pregnancy. In certain situations, the doctor might recommend you do not gain any weight.

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Even though you are eating for 2, you are not supposed to eat twice the amount of food. Generally, women should eat about 300 extra calories per day to provide extra nutrition for the baby. The amount of food you need to eat depends on the amount you weigh when you get pregnant, your BMI and the amount you exercise. You will need to eat foods from all of the food groups and make sure you are getting enough folic acid and calcium. A dietitian can also help you plan a healthy diet that will give you and your baby complete nutrition for you and the baby,

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, you should eat a well rounded diet of healthy foods, exercise regularly, avoid smoking and avoid alcohol. Speak with your Columbus OBGYN to figure out how you can slowly become more physically active.

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