Menopause: The Invisible Change

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Women typically experience puberty and pregnancy in public where everyone can witness it. According to Columbus gynecologist Dr. Otto Umana, for many young women this change is accompanied by increased attention by potential sexual partners in puberty and to excited belly rubs in pregnancy.

However, the last hormonal change – menopause – is not welcomed by any extra attention. In fact, many women go through this phase of life alone without anyone knowing. Women typically go through menopause in their late 40s to early 50s and it can be a complete upheaval of their lives.

Your Columbus gynecologist finds that one of the most frequent complaints of women in menopause is sudden hot flashes. For some women it can be a simple annoyance, but for others it can be much worse, affecting sleep, work and overall attitude. Women going through menopause should try to wear clothing that can be easily removed and try to sleep with loose clothing and bedding in case a hot flash comes around.

Many women welcome the end of a monthly period that accompanies menopause. However, before you discard your feminine protection, be aware that some women’s cycles become irregular for a short period of time before completely stopping. Infrequent periods or skipping your period for a couple of months is normal, but having prolonged bleeding or more than one period in 28 days should be evaluated by your Columbus gynecologist.

The fluctuation in a woman’s hormonal levels can produce mood swings and diminished sexual desire. Sometimes these changes can be a result of all of the other changes that are interfering with a woman’s life. Ensuring you have adequate exercise and sleep can help to promote a better mood and scheduling a visit with your Columbus gynecologist is essential in coping during this time.

Women do not have to go through this change of life all alone and behind closed doors.  If your life is becoming severely impaired by hot flashes, consult your Columbus gynecologist Dr. Otto Umana, as there are herbal, hormonal and non-hormonal options to treat them.

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