Exercise During Pregnancy


It is important that maintain a regular exercise routine when you are pregnant. Exercise will help you feel great and remain healthy throughout the pregnancy. Following a regular exercise routine while you are pregnant can help you reduce common discomforts including fatigue and backaches. Additionally, there is evidence that exercise helps prevent stress and gestational diabetes. It also helps improve posture and builds up the stamina you need for delivery. You should speak with you OBGYN Columbus GA before you start exercising during your pregnancy.

OBGYN Columbus GAIf you were already physically active before you got pregnant, once your OBGYN Columbus GA clears you, you can continue a moderate amount of physical activity. You should not try to exercise at the same level you exercised at before you were pregnant. Exercise at a level that is the most comfortable for currently. Try doing low impact aerobics instead of high impact aerobics. If you were a competitive athlete before, you should be closely monitored by your obstetrician. If you did not exercise before the pregnancy, speak with your OBGYN before you start an exercise routine. You should be able to safely start an exercise program as long as it is not too strenuous. It is safe to start a walking routine while you are pregnant. It is recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day unless there is a pregnancy or medical complication.

When not to exercise?

Exercise may not be advisable if you have a medical issue such as heart disease, diabetes or asthma. It might also be harmful if you pregnancy condition including low placenta, bleeding, recurrent miscarriage, weak cervix or history of early labor. Your obstetrician will give you the exercise guidelines that are right for your pregnancy.

Exercises That Are Safe During Pregnancy

The majority of exercises are safe during pregnancy as long as you don’t overdo it. The most productive and safe activities are brisk walking, swimming, elliptical machines, stationary cycling and low impact aerobics. These activities benefit your entire body, have little chance of injury and you can perform them until the birth of your new baby.

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Exercises That Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

There are some exercises that can be harmful to the pregnancy including:

  • Exercising in humid and hot weather
  • Skiing
  • Horseback riding
  • Contact sports
  • Extensive jumping
  • Bouncing when you are stretching

Speak with your OBGYN Columbus GA for information on other harmful exercises

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