Diet for First Time Pregnant Mothers

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Becoming pregnant for the first time is every woman’s dream for the most part. Women become conscious about what they eat after learning that they are pregnant since they are providing all the nutrients to their little bundle of joy. A Columbus gynecologist recommends the following foods when pregnant. Some foods are okay but should only be eaten in moderation.

Protein is essential in every person’s diet and it is no exception when it comes to eating for two. The amino acids found in protein are great for cells in your body as well as the forming baby. The high protein foods also have increased benefits such as maintaining a stable blood sugar and keeping you full for longer periods of time.

Columbus gynecologist

Milk mama, all about the milk. The milk that you drink should be low fat milk. The baby is going to need as much milk as you can stand to help form their bones while keeping your bones and body healthy. The minerals found in milk are great for maintaining a healthy immune system as well. If you do not like milk all on its own, you should try ordering a yogurt smoothie since it contains the calcium needed without the texture or taste of milk.

Omega 3 foods and ingredients such as Flaxseeds are perfect since they are loaded in omega 3 and fatty acids. The Columbus gynecologist recommends these ingredients because they are not only good for you but also are loaded in DHA. This is essential for development of unborn babies and is very important for them after birth. Many of the formulas and cereals made for babies today have DHA in them. You can use flaxseeds over a salad or even in the yogurt cup you enjoy mid-day.

It is very important that you eat right when pregnant and the Columbus gynecologist knows this and recommends that when you enjoy beef, you enjoy the leaner of the meat. The meat is high in iron and is crucial for the development of red blood cells which are needed to maintain a healthy level of blood but also for the baby you are carrying. The lack of the red blood cells can cause problems in your pregnancy when the Columbus gynecologist discovers that you are anemic. This can lead to problems not only during pregnancy but also during childbirth. The iron in the lean meat is just what the doctor ordered for the development of your baby’s brain which is why it is so important that you enjoy some weekly during your pregnancy.

Consult with a Columbus OBGYN to help get the information that is right for you and your baby.

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