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It’s a known fact that babies whose mothers and fathers are healthy are more likely to be born healthy. And according to Columbus OBGYN Dr. Otto Umana, the best time for a couple to start getting healthy is before conception even occurs.

Potential parents should start by scheduling a check-up with your Columbus OBGYN the moment they start thinking about becoming pregnant. During this appointment the patient’s health history, chronic health issues and vaccination needs will all be discussed to make sure that the soon-to-be mom is as healthy and as strong as she can possibly be.

Diabetes, hypertension and obesity can negatively affect the outcome of a pregnancy. So during the initial checkup, your Columbus OBGYN will determine a proper plan of action to make sure that these issues are under control.

If a patient has pre-existing medical conditions, they will want to make sure that they are well under control before they become pregnant. Because weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, obesity is something that should be addressed from the moment the patient thinks about becoming pregnant.

Vaccinations also play a large role in pre-pregnancy health. If a woman is considering becoming pregnant, she should be up-to-date on all of her vaccines.  There are some live vaccines that can’t be administered to moms during pregnancy, and if a mom contracts chicken pox while she’s pregnant it can be fatal.

The foods and vitamins a woman takes before becoming pregnant also make a difference. During the check-up, your Columbus OBGYN will provide an exact diet and vitamin plan for each individual patient.

Healthy eating is a key factor in increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy so eating leafy green vegetables and lean cuts of meat is a great start.  Women who hope to become pregnant should stay away from red meats and fish that has high levels of mercury.

The prospective father should also be adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle. One thing that tends to happen is that most of the focus is on the mother, but we know that the father is involved in creating the baby as well, so he needs to commit to a healthy lifestyle as well.

If you’re considering taking that big step to become a mother, call the office of Columbus OBGYN Dr. Otto Umana today to schedule an appointment.  He’ll get – and keep – you on the right track to a successful pregnancy!

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