Columbus ObGyn: “Eating for Two” Mentality Leading to Excessive Weight Gain

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Columbus ObGyn Dr. Otto Umana has found that overweight or obese women with the approach that they are “eating for two” are more likely to experience disproportionate weight gain while pregnant.

Overweight is defined as having a BMI of between 25 and 29, and obese is having a BMI that is higher than 29.  Your Columbus ObGyn Dr. Otto Umana recommends that women of normal weight gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, overweight women gain between15 and 25 pounds, and obese women, from 11 to 20 pounds.

Researchers interviewed 29 post-partum women who were overweight or obese prior to becoming pregnant. Of these, only11 met the appropriate established guidelines and 18 surpassed the recommended weight gain.

Participants in the study were interviewed about their dietary habits, experience with morning sickness (if any) and physical activity habits during their pregnancy term.

Those who gained the proper amount of weight adhered to a meal plan and chose their meals very carefully. These women also had little or no increase in the number of calories they consumed during pregnancy and exercised as much or more than they had before becoming pregnant.

According to your Columbus ObGyn, the women were more goal-oriented regarding the regulation of their weight during the pregnancy.  And the women who gained too much weight described the experience as “eating for two.” They also had fewer goals and exercised less during their pregnancy. They also made unhealthy food choices and ate more as a result of their pregnancy cravings.

Your Columbus ObGyn recommends only 300 additional calories per day for pregnant women who are at a normal weight, and less for those who are overweight or obese when becoming pregnant.

Too much weight gain during pregnancy can also lead to postpartum and weight gain and obesity for the long term.

Women should solicit feedback on weight gain goals by their Columbus ObGyn before getting pregnant or shortly thereafter to prevent complications.

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