Columbus gynecologist: No Link Between Autism and induced labor

Columbus gynecologist

According to Columbus gynecologist Dr. Otto Umana, a recent study released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, indicated that there is no existing link between inducing labor  and autism.

These results back up the argument that existing guidelines pertaining to how and when labor should be induced should not be altered.  Your Columbus gynecologist has found that limiting the induction of labor can sometimes have adverse effects on the women and their babies.

Although previous studies indicated that there was a  chance that there was a link between the use of oxytocin (the drug used to induce or quicken labor) and autism, it appears that the research has some considerable limitations. For example, they say many studies are small in size, are made up of retrospective data and fail to accurately consider other influential factors.

According to your Columbus gynecologist, such characteristics diminish the value of the studies and suggest the need for more research.  He also cautioned that any reduction in the number of induced labors would almost certainly have an undesirable effect on patient care, and result in more cesarean deliveries.

If you have any questions regarding the link between induced labor and autism or any other gynecological conditions, please contact your Columbus gynecologist Dr. Otto Umana today to schedule an appointment.

In obstetric practice, labor induction can play a vital role in protecting the health of some mothers and the safe delivery of their babies.  When compared with the benefits, the research had clear limitations.  And because of this, this research data should not affect how obstetricians safely and effectively use labor induction and augmentation when caring for their patients and their babies.

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