Columbus Gynecologist: Don’t skip your annual pelvic exam!

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Columbus gynecologist Dr. Otto Umana advises his patients that annual pelvic exams provide many health benefits, even if they’re not experiencing any symptoms of a problem.

A lot of times, when patients have symptoms and wait to be seen, the problem tends to be more advanced or severe than it would have been if caught earlier in an annual exam.

The pelvic exam isn’t the only health check women receive in annual exams with their Columbus gynecologist. They also are examined for abnormal changes in their breasts and for thyroid problems.   A lot of women consider their annual exam to be their primary exam, and they may end up going for years without checkups if guidelines change.

Your Columbus gynecologist – whose medical care for female patients includes pelvic exams – wasn’t surprised at the recommendation, as it is the logical next step once it was determined that annual Pap smears were not cost effective.

Until there are more consensuses among medical groups, Dr. Umana said he will continue recommending annual pelvic exams.  The risk of the exam is essentially none, and there is often significant benefit.

According to your Columbus gynecologist, one such benefit is detecting skin changes that signal urinary incontinence or other issues, which the patient may not bring up, for which he can recommend treatments.

If you have questions regarding your annual pelvic exam, call the office of Columbus gynecologist Dr. Otto Umana today to schedule a consultation.

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