Alcohol and Pregnancy: Is it ‘A Little Bit’ Safe?

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Many women that are pregnant wonder if it alright for them to occasionally indulge in a sip of champagne or a small glass of merlot. The advice that they receive can be confusing. Most people are divided on their feelings about having a small amount of alcohol while you are pregnant. Some doctors will tell you that you should avoid alcohol completely; while others tell you that it is unlikely that light drinking will hard the baby. Speaking with your friends can be just as confusing. Some friends might tell you that drinking while you are pregnant is not worth the unnecessary risk; while tell you that they had a little bit of alcohol during their pregnancy and their child turned out fine. The best thing you should do is speak with your OBGYN Columbus GA to help you determine what is best for you.

OBGYN Columbus GAIt is clear that heavy drinking during your pregnancy is harmful and it can cause birth defects. However, it is not well understood what the potential effects of having small amounts of alcohol are. The majority of pregnant women are choosing not to completely give up alcohol. A CDC study has shown that approximately 1 out of 8 pregnant women in the United States has had 1 or more alcohol drink during last month. Before you decide which side you are on, speak with your OBGYN Columbus GA.

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There was a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in October 2010 that might have reassured some pregnant women. The U.K. researchers stated that the five year old children of women that drank one or two alcoholic drinks per occasion or per week during pregnancy did not have an increased risk of cognitive or behavioral problems.

OBGYN Columbus GAThere are many doctors that are in agreement with the Surgeon General and the CDC. They recommend that women avoid drinking during pregnancy. There is a concern that any alcohol can affect the baby’s developing brain. Alcohol affects brains cells when consumed. The concern is that a baby’s brain is developing constantly during pregnancy. For these reason, these doctors think it is best to abstain from drinking alcohol.

There are other doctors that do not think women should worry about having the occasional small drink while they are pregnant. All doctors agree that heavy drinking should be avoided at all costs. These doctors, however, think it is probably ok to have one or two drinks occasionally.

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